Wednesday, 25 June 2014

GPS Tracking Systems and Devices – An Overview

The term GPS which is very common to us is expanded as Global Positioning System. A layman started to get common with the term GPS once we started to have this option or service of locating ourselves through the GPS option on our smart phones. Hence the smart phone in a way or other is also a GPS tracking device.

The GPS is commonly used as a service to have a precise location of a vehicle, person, or an asset to which the GPS tracking device is attached and records and back up the position at regular intervals as set by the user.

The user can access the recorded locations on the tracking unit which is embedded with a GPS tracking system. The asset locations are commonly located on a screen against a map drop usually in real time. The system usually has a GPS tracking software which helps for this service. These days mobile phones are common with this application of GPS Locators.

How a GPS Tracker Works?

A GPS Tracking system usually has GPS modules which receives GPS signals and then calculates the coordinates.

Types of GPS Trackers

There are multiple types of GPS Tracking system available in the market these days. Data Logger and Data Pushers are the most commonly available type in the IT market.

Data Logger: This simply logs the position details of the asset in subject at regular intervals and stores the data in the memory unit. GPS loggers commonly have memory card in the slot or flash drives as memory storage units. This allows the downloading of data to s system a further analyzing of details.

Data Pusher: This is another commonly used kind of GPS tracking system, where the system logs the position of the assets at regular intervals and pushes the data to a pre set server at regular intervals also. This kind or GPS tracking is commonly used on the devices fit on vehicles for tracking its routes and trips.

The common applications of GPS Tracking Devices/Systems

The said system is very commonly used in the vehicles on the roads, particularly the cars and trucks which move on trips under company registrations. The service is also used for personal tracking only at the particular situations as mentioned below.

• Law Enforcement - Usually an arrested suspect who is send on bail are send out with GPS Trackers/Ankle Monitor to track movements
• Surveillance - A Tracker fixed on a vehicle or a person allows movements to be tracked
• Race Control - In some sports like gliding, the participants needs to carry a tracker along with them to make sure they move in the right race track itself

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