Thursday, 24 July 2014

Medical Entrance Books, Medical Entrance Exam Books

If you are planning to study medicine after high school, then you should have already started on your medical entrance exam preparations. Yes, it is important to plan your preparations, talk to likeminded people and share ideas on the various subjects and concepts that you should prepare. But above all, you should have the right medical entrance books.

Here’s a list of the must-have medical entrance exam books:

NCERT Textbook for Biology and Chemistry

If you’re studying in a CBSE school, then your text book is the first book that you should thoroughly study. You should be very good in the basics of chemistry, especially inorganic and biology. So, your school text book is your first best friend when it comes to your medical college preparations.

The other books on your checklist should be:

• Competitive Objective Book of GRB – Chemistry and Physics
• AIIMS PG Medical Entrance Examination by Amit Sekhar Padhy
• Target AIIMS
• AIPG and AIIMS May - November: Post Graduate Dental Entrance Examination 2012 by Rajeev Chitguppi, Kaustubh Gandhalikar, Amit Lall
• AIIMS MBBS Entrance Exam by Arihant Publications
• GB Comprehensive MCQs in Biology by Hemant Roy
• Prakash Objective Zoology: A Standard Book for AIIMS
• Prakash Objective Botany: A Standard Book for AIIMS

Not just medical entrance books, you should also get the previous year question papers. Get both solved and unsolved question papers. The solved question papers will give you an idea of how to answer the question in the entrance exam, while the unsolved ones will give you an opportunity to try mock exams by yourself. When you tryout mock exams, you will be able to find out how you perform under pressure even if you have prepared well for the exams. Also

• Arihant AIIMS MBBS Entrance Examination (Solved Papers 1997-2008)
• LP Golden Excel with AIIMS Previous Years solved Papers by by Dr. J.K. Juneja, S. Jawa, Dr. J. P. Sharma
• Oswaal 10 Mock test Papers for AIIMS Delhi (Medical)
• Mtg AIIMS Explorer (With Solved Papers 1994-2006)
• AIIMS 2004 Nov by Sumer Sethi and Siddhartha Sethi
• Universal Self Scorer Biology for AIPMT, AIIMS, AFMC & Various Medical Entrance Exams
• Target NEET 2013: Common Medical Entrance Exam with 10 Mock Tests by Disha Experts

You can get these medical entrance books in stores as well as online e-commerce platforms. Get these essential books and get a good start on your entrance exam preparations.

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